Can Government CIOs ‘Virtualize’ Social Work and Improve Outcomes?

By Adam Petrovsky, GovEd Practice Leader, Logicalis US

Nearly everyone has read or heard a tragic story that was the result of something slipping through the cracks because an overworked social worker had too large of a caseload. What if this could be changed simply by digitally enabling some of the time-consuming, behind-the-scenes documentation tasks that take up so much of a typical social worker’s day?

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What Can You Do When a Cybercriminal is Eyeing Your Healthcare Data?

A Q&A with Logicalis experts Ron Temske, Ed Simcox, and Mike Johnson

Healthcare data is among the most valuable data on the black market today, which makes medical organizations prime targets for cyberattacks. What are the threats, what can you do to protect your healthcare IT data, and what are some of the barriers standing in the way? To find out, we asked three of Logicalis US’ top experts: Ron Temske, Vice President of Security Solutions; Ed Simcox, Practice Leader for Logicalis Healthcare Solutions; and Mike Johnson, Director of Technical Sales.

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How to Make Telehealth Part of Your Clinicians’ Daily Workflow

A Q&A with Ed Simcox, Healthcare Practice Leader, Logicalis Healthcare Solutions

The roadblocks to widespread telehealth adoption are quickly becoming a thing of the past, particularly as millennials – who are intimately familiar and comfortable with the technology – become increasingly eager to replace time-consuming, in-person office visits with virtual ones.  Where reimbursement was once an issue, today’s acceptance of telehealth as an appropriate method of treatment has opened doors to faster payments. There is, however, still a key factor standing in the way of widespread telehealth adoption: Clinicians accustomed to practicing medicine in a traditional face-to-face setting are finding it difficult to incorporate telehealth into their daily workflow.

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What You Need to Know Before Implementing Telehealth in Your Organization

An interview with Cory Rehfeldt, Director of the Collaboration Practice at Logicalis US, and Kim Garriott, Principal Consultant, Healthcare Strategies, Logicalis Healthcare Solutions

If you’ve been to any healthcare IT events lately, you know that the buzz is all about telehealth.  Studies show at least 74 percent of the nation’s largest employers plan to offer telehealth benefits this year, and experts estimate virtual consults will increase a stunning 62 percent by 2020.  Telehealth is clearly a technology that’s on the rise, and one that every healthcare CIO should be thinking about.  What do you need to know? In this Q&A, we ask two of Logicalis’ top experts to weigh in.

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What Makes Patients Comfortable Using Telehealth?

A Q&A with Kim Garriott, Principal Consultant, Healthcare Strategies, for Logicalis Healthcare Solutions

Millennials comfortable with technology are leading the charge into the world of telemedicine, saving themselves countless hours in crowded waiting rooms only to get the same diagnosis and prescription they can get from the comfort of their own homes right from their device of choice.

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