Logicalis Conducts Fifth Annual Global CIO Survey

By Vince DeLuca, CEO, Logicalis US

Logicalis has just released the results of its fifth annual Global CIO Survey.  The survey, which polled 890 CIOs and IT directors from mid-market organizations in 23 countries, breaks down CIO priorities into three important business themes – simplify, secure and engage – as it looks at the road IT professionals are traveling as they work to help their organizations become digitally enabled.  One of the most important takeaways from this year’s report is that a massive infrastructure overhaul must be coupled with culture change for organizations to truly unlock the benefits of digital transformation.

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The Rise of the Shadow IT Department

Over 700 IT leaders respond to Logicalis’ fourth annual Global CIO Survey

As Logicalis’ top executives assess the results of the company’s fourth annual Global CIO Survey, it’s clear that digital disruption is changing the way businesses procure, manage and consume technology – and that significant changes are on the horizon for CIOs and their teams.

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Why an Automation Roadmap Is Critical to Your Company’s Digital Transformation Success

By Mike Alley, Director, Service Defined Solutions, Logicalis US

To thrive in today’s fast-paced business world, you’ve got to be ready to turn on a dime, which means your organization has to be capable of making changes and decisions in record time. As a result, many IT organizations find themselves in the midst of a digital transformation that requires significant change – not just in the infrastructure they employ, but in the processes they use to deploy the kinds of IT services that keep their organizations competitive every day.

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Do You Need a Professional Consultant?

By Ed Konopasek, Vice President, Managed Solutions, Logicalis US

A better question for the headline on this blog post might have been, “What’s your cloud strategy?” because that’s the way most of our consulting engagements begin.

That’s because the cloud is central to an important change taking place in IT departments around the globe today – a shift from fixed, premise-based, capex IT investments to an entirely new mindset leveraging the tenets of the third platform – cloud, social, mobile and analytics – to satisfy digital acceleration in the enterprise and deliver the kind of user experience (UX) an increasingly tech-savvy workforce demands.

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What You Need to Know Before Implementing Telehealth in Your Organization

An interview with Cory Rehfeldt, Director of the Collaboration Practice at Logicalis US, and Kim Garriott, Principal Consultant, Healthcare Strategies, Logicalis Healthcare Solutions

If you’ve been to any healthcare IT events lately, you know that the buzz is all about telehealth.  Studies show at least 74 percent of the nation’s largest employers plan to offer telehealth benefits this year, and experts estimate virtual consults will increase a stunning 62 percent by 2020.  Telehealth is clearly a technology that’s on the rise, and one that every healthcare CIO should be thinking about.  What do you need to know? In this Q&A, we ask two of Logicalis’ top experts to weigh in.

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Global CIO Survey Helps You Benchmark Your IT Organization’s Journey to Success

CIOs often feel like they’re operating in a vacuum, wondering how their pressures and priorities stack up alongside those of their industry peers.  Is Shadow IT a problem? Is it better, from both a cost and practicality standpoint, to tap into the as-a-service movement rather than building and delivering all of your IT services in house? Is it time to give software-defined some serious consideration? And what does it mean to be a digitally enabled organization?

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