Why Enterprise Security Architecture Matters

By Ron Temske, Vice President of Security Solutions, Logicalis US

Let’s talk about security architecture and why it matters for your enterprise. When I present on Enterprise Security, you’ll notice that I frequently discuss the topic of security architecture. While you can make a strong argument for an architected approach in many areas of IT, I think it’s particularly important in cybersecurity. Let me take a moment to explain what I mean by architecture and what alternatives exist.

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Sparking a New Way to Conduct Collaborative Meetings

By Cory Rehfeldt, Director, Collaboration Practice, Logicalis US

No matter how technically savvy you are, everyone’s been in that uncomfortable position when they’re trying to join a collaborative workgroup during a meeting or join a meeting remotely and … the technology doesn’t work.  There’s some problem with your equipment connecting to the meeting equipment and, all of a sudden, you realize you’ve missed half of what was said because you were completely consumed with the technology rather than the business you were there to conduct.

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Are Your Collaboration Tools Functioning at Their Best?

By David Leech, Vice President, Cloud and Managed Services

When I talk to CIOs about the functionality of their communication and collaboration toolsets, one of the most important things that comes up time and again in our conversations is the absolute importance of delivering the kind of experience their users expect and, frankly, demand from their business collaboration tools.

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Can Technology Reduce Crime on College Campuses?

By Adam Petrovsky, GovEd Practice Leader, Logicalis US

With thousands of violent crimes taking place on college campuses all across America every year, it’s crucial that university executives ask themselves if they’ve deployed the newest, most technologically sophisticated digital security solutions on the market to help protect their students and discourage criminal activity.

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Optimizing Your Internal Epic Resources

By Ed Simcox, Practice Leader, Logicalis Healthcare Solutions, and Sara Hunter, Service Delivery Director, Service Desk, Logicalis US

When we talk with healthcare organizations that have installed Epic electronic health records (EHR) solutions, they rave about the solution itself but almost unanimously voice concerns about the initial ramp-up period following the installation.  While their own Epic personnel are busy optimizing their use of the new environment, clinicians who are just getting up to speed on the new hardware and software have questions that need to be answered stat in order to help them effectively do their jobs.

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