Preventing Cybercrime in Higher Education: 4 Ways CIOs Can Protect Their University’s Data

By Adam Petrovsky, GovEd Practice Leader, Logicalis US

Today, there is a distinct urgency among CIOs and CISOs at colleges and universities nationwide to shore up their IT security measures. Because of the sensitive nature of the information universities possess, when they are not adequately protected, it’s like they’re waving a red flag for cybercriminals saying, “This is the best data – come and get it.”

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Five Reasons Why Healthcare Providers Need a Strong Cloud Strategy Now

By Mike Riley, U.S. Healthcare Leader, Logicalis Healthcare Solutions

Across the US, clinicians, nurse practitioners, physicians and researchers are increasingly turning to cloud-based apps to provide advanced patient care, look up records and share data. Some healthcare providers are asking: “When will it be our turn?” For their healthcare IT counterparts, the real question is: “Why haven’t you developed your cloud strategy yet?”  At Logicalis Healthcare Solutions, we believe now is the time to develop those healthcare IT cloud strategies for deployment of critical patient-care applications and provider administrative systems.

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Is Managed Security the Answer to Surviving the Cybersecurity Talent Shortage?

By Ron Temske, Vice President, Security Solutions, Logicalis US

Most CIOs are well aware that there’s a significant shortage of cybersecurity professionals in the talent pool today. This becomes increasingly clear – and painful – for IT leaders within enterprise organizations as they are pressured from every side to bolster their companies’ security strategies and protect their digital assets.  A growing number of regulatory and compliance requirements coupled with demands from corporate boards of directors, shareholders and customers – particularly in the manufacturing and legal verticals where security questionnaires are being added as a requirement of doing business – is creating a demand for skilled, well-trained IT security specialists that simply cannot be filled.

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Your Email is Out to Get Your Users – Part 1: How did this happen?

Part 1: How did this happen?

By Ron Temske, Vice President of Security Solutions, Logicalis US

Email is widely and increasingly used as an attack vector for malware. In fact, it has become one of the largest attack vectors and no organizational size is immune. Let’s look at the complexities of the challenge IT organizations face when it comes to email as an attack vector and some recommendations for mitigating this threat in your organization.

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