Can On-Prem Capacity Be a Metered, OpEx Expense Like It Is in the Cloud?

By Brett Anderson, Senior Director, HPE Solutions, Logicalis US

While workloads are definitely moving to the cloud and the desire for that kind of consumption-based model is fueling the pace, the need for hybrid and on-premise infrastructure is still very real. As a result, if your workloads are better suited to hybrid or on-premise environments, you may want to re-examine how you’re managing your on-prem resources with the expectation that you can achieve the same kind of financial and capacity flexibility that a public cloud has to offer.

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The Rundown on Ransomware

A quick glance at the news headlines will make it very clear—cyberattacks are evolving. They’re becoming more prevalent, more impactful and harder to stop. One of the most common is a kind of malicious software called ransomware. Here’s what you need to know. What it is: Delivery methods vary, but the end result is your business-critical data gets encrypted by folks with bad intentions, rendering it inaccessible—unless you pay their ransom. What’s unsettling is the availability of this software. Nearly anyone can go out and purchase a ransomware attack via underground markets.

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What ‘Digital Transformation’ Means to CIOs Around the World

Over 700 IT leaders respond to Logicalis’ fourth annual Global CIO Survey

Businesses worldwide are undergoing dramatic digital transformations in an effort to respond to the threats posed by digital disrupters like Uber and Airbnb in their own industries. To find out how these changes are affecting IT departments and their top IT professionals, Logicalis surveyed over 700 CIOs around the globe – and the results may surprise you.

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Why an Automation Roadmap Is Critical to Your Company’s Digital Transformation Success

By Mike Alley, Director, Service Defined Solutions, Logicalis US

To thrive in today’s fast-paced business world, you’ve got to be ready to turn on a dime, which means your organization has to be capable of making changes and decisions in record time. As a result, many IT organizations find themselves in the midst of a digital transformation that requires significant change – not just in the infrastructure they employ, but in the processes they use to deploy the kinds of IT services that keep their organizations competitive every day.

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What Can You Do When a Cybercriminal is Eyeing Your Healthcare Data?

A Q&A with Logicalis experts Ron Temske, Ed Simcox, and Mike Johnson

Healthcare data is among the most valuable data on the black market today, which makes medical organizations prime targets for cyberattacks. What are the threats, what can you do to protect your healthcare IT data, and what are some of the barriers standing in the way? To find out, we asked three of Logicalis US’ top experts: Ron Temske, Vice President of Security Solutions; Ed Simcox, Practice Leader for Logicalis Healthcare Solutions; and Mike Johnson, Director of Technical Sales.

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Integrated Collaboration: What is it, and why do I need it?

By Mike Johnson, Director of Technical Sales, Logicalis US

Integrate your employees, your customers and your partners in a shared IT environment as big as your world.

Each integrated capability layer in the corporate enterprise pyramid is enabled by and extends the capabilities of the layers below it. Benefits extend throughout your organization in the process of harnessing collaboration technologies to accomplish your business objectives.

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