Six Ways Healthcare Organizations Can Benefit from SSO

By Ed Simcox, US Healthcare Practice Leader, Logicalis Healthcare Solutions

The state of New York recently enacted important legislation that will have far-reaching effects for the healthcare industry at large.  You may have heard about the state’s I-STOP prescription monitoring program which mandates electronic prescribing for all pharmaceutical prescriptions, both controlled and non-controlled substances.  Other states have electronic prescription laws in place already, but did you know that New York’s is the first to carry both financial penalties and jail time for physicians who violate it?

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The Evolution of Digital Enablement

By Vince DeLuca, CEO Logicalis US

Digital Enablement refers to the way an organization embraces technology and services to improve the customer experience (CX) and in doing so, often changes the nature of the organization itself. Getting an organization to that point requires strategy, planning and a bit of a journey.

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Using Video with Confidence

By David Leech, Vice President of Cloud and Managed Services, Logicalis US

You remember it well … the bead of sweat that ran down your forehead the day your company’s CEO decided to call a global video conference … and asked you to make sure the technology was ready for the challenge.  Even if your video collaboration solution had been working perfectly in the weeks preceding the big event, you secretly wondered if was up to the task of connecting to hundreds of end points around the globe and delivering the kind of service your CEO – and everyone else in your entire worldwide organization – expected it to have.  Handling the job was a big responsibility, and it likely took a lot of man hours away from your job and your teams’ jobs in preparation for the big event.

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Characteristics of a Digitally Driven Organization

By Jim Cook, Vice President of Services Sales, Logicalis US

People in this industry talk a lot about “shadow IT” as being a problem common in enterprise organizations, but what we’ve come to realize is that shadow IT isn’t really a problem – it’s a symptom.  There is a tremendous change taking place around the globe in the way enterprise organizations view technology, and it all started with the earnest adoption of “the cloud.”

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