Do You Need a Professional Consultant?

By Ed Konopasek, Vice President, Managed Solutions, Logicalis US

A better question for the headline on this blog post might have been, “What’s your cloud strategy?” because that’s the way most of our consulting engagements begin.

That’s because the cloud is central to an important change taking place in IT departments around the globe today – a shift from fixed, premise-based, capex IT investments to an entirely new mindset leveraging the tenets of the third platform – cloud, social, mobile and analytics – to satisfy digital acceleration in the enterprise and deliver the kind of user experience (UX) an increasingly tech-savvy workforce demands.

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Use These Two Technology Advances to Reduce Storage Complexity and Increase Storage Efficiency in the Data Center

By Chuck Gerstner, Solution Architect, Data and Storage Practice, Logicalis US

It is a truism in the data center that reducing storage complexity is directly linked to increasing storage efficiency. By exploiting the innovations and advances that have reduced complexity, we can free up the resources to evaluate and explore the technologies that improve efficiencies in our storage infrastructure.

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How to Make Telehealth Part of Your Clinicians’ Daily Workflow

A Q&A with Ed Simcox, Healthcare Practice Leader, Logicalis Healthcare Solutions

The roadblocks to widespread telehealth adoption are quickly becoming a thing of the past, particularly as millennials – who are intimately familiar and comfortable with the technology – become increasingly eager to replace time-consuming, in-person office visits with virtual ones.  Where reimbursement was once an issue, today’s acceptance of telehealth as an appropriate method of treatment has opened doors to faster payments. There is, however, still a key factor standing in the way of widespread telehealth adoption: Clinicians accustomed to practicing medicine in a traditional face-to-face setting are finding it difficult to incorporate telehealth into their daily workflow.

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CIOs: The IT World You Live in is About to Change

By Jim Cook, Vice President, Services Sales, Logicalis US

Research shows the millennial generation is now America’s largest living generation.  As millennials make their presence known in both the consumer world and in the workplace, they are dramatically impacting the way communication takes place.  These are people who have grown up with a mobile device in their hands.  They are accustomed to a consumer-like experience even when using business communications and computing tools. They are a generation of people who are inherently comfortable with technology and have a high expectation for how it will perform. As a result, the IT world experienced CIOs live in today is about to change.

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Is Flash Technology the Right Choice?

By Frank Nishimori, Solution Architect, and Brett Anderson, Senior Director, HP Solutions, Logicalis US

When you talk to people about storage, the buzz today is all about flash.  And there’s a good reason for that – flash is fast.  Really fast.  Most IT pros know that flash offers significant performance advantages over disk and certainly over tape, but for many, the idea of flash was out of reach due to its hefty price tag.  If you read flash vendors’ marketing materials today, however, you’ll quickly get the idea that the cost of flash has come down and that it may even be comparable to spinning disk.  While technically true, there is a caveat – and it’s an important one.

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