How Implementing Your Own Monitoring Tool Can Be an Eye Opener…and Not in a Good Way

By David Leech, Vice President, Cloud and Managed Services, Logicalis US

Here’s a common series of events that occurs when an IT staff decides to implement a monitoring tool for themselves: After dutifully following all the procedures for implementation of the monitoring system, when they see alarms start showing up on the monitor, they pat themselves on the back and say, “Awesome. It works. This wasn’t so hard.”

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What Makes Patients Comfortable Using Telehealth?

A Q&A with Kim Garriott, Principal Consultant, Healthcare Strategies, for Logicalis Healthcare Solutions

Millennials comfortable with technology are leading the charge into the world of telemedicine, saving themselves countless hours in crowded waiting rooms only to get the same diagnosis and prescription they can get from the comfort of their own homes right from their device of choice.

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How to Use SDDC as a Stepping Stone to the Service-Defined Enterprise

By David Angradi, Director, Software Defined Data Center Solutions, Logicalis US

Most IT organizations today have been using at least some of the tools and processes involved in implementing the software-defined data center (SDDC) for years. Virtualization of servers, storage, applications and networking, as well as automation and orchestration initiatives are ongoing at different stages everywhere.

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Application Performance Management is the Key to Customer Experience in a Digitally Enabled Enterprise

By Paul Williams, Director, Software Solutions, Logicalis US

This year, one of the most talked about topics in IT is how to provide the right kind of “experience” for customers – whether those customers are internal technology users or clients of your business.  Nearly every IT professional is looking for new ways to improve that experience and, ultimately to enable a “digital transformation” within their organizations.

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