The Rundown on Ransomware

A quick glance at the news headlines will make it very clear—cyberattacks are evolving. They’re becoming more prevalent, more impactful and harder to stop. One of the most common is a kind of malicious software called ransomware. Here’s what you need to know. What it is: Delivery methods vary, but the end result is your business-critical data gets encrypted by folks with bad intentions, rendering it inaccessible—unless you pay their ransom. What’s unsettling is the availability of this software. Nearly anyone can go out and purchase a ransomware attack via underground markets.

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Ransomware: To Pay or Not to Pay – Is That the Right Question?

By Ron Temske, Vice President, Security Solutions, Logicalis US

By now, nearly every CIO has heard about some organization that has literally been held hostage by a ransomware attack. And each time you hear about it, there’s one pressing question on your mind: What if it happens to my organization?  Should we pay the ransom or not? To pay or not to pay, however, may not be the right question.

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CIOs: The IT World You Live in is About to Change

By Jim Cook, Vice President, Services Sales, Logicalis US

Research shows the millennial generation is now America’s largest living generation.  As millennials make their presence known in both the consumer world and in the workplace, they are dramatically impacting the way communication takes place.  These are people who have grown up with a mobile device in their hands.  They are accustomed to a consumer-like experience even when using business communications and computing tools. They are a generation of people who are inherently comfortable with technology and have a high expectation for how it will perform. As a result, the IT world experienced CIOs live in today is about to change.

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The Unique Security Challenges Facing K12 IT Pros

By Ron Temske, Vice President, Security Solutions, and Matt Catalanotto, Tempe Area Sales Director, Logicalis US

In the K12 world, security has become one of the most important topics of conversation among IT professionals, and in fact, much of the responsibility for providing that security has fallen onto the shoulders of already lean internal IT staffs with limited budgets.  E-Rate can help, particularly when the goal is to protect children from seeing obscene or otherwise inappropriate material online.  But that only scratches the surface of what a comprehensive IT security solution must do.

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How Implementing Your Own Monitoring Tool Can Be an Eye Opener…and Not in a Good Way

By David Leech, Vice President, Cloud and Managed Services, Logicalis US

Here’s a common series of events that occurs when an IT staff decides to implement a monitoring tool for themselves: After dutifully following all the procedures for implementation of the monitoring system, when they see alarms start showing up on the monitor, they pat themselves on the back and say, “Awesome. It works. This wasn’t so hard.”

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