Compressing Application Time-to-Value

After initial success in migrating from an on-premise delivery model to the SaaS delivery model, a key aspect for software providers to assess is the time-to-value that SaaS delivers. While SaaS inherently accelerates the process significantly compared to an on-premise solution, compressing time-to-value as much as possible remains critical in generating positive cash flows.

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6 Ways to Gauge the Scalability of Your SaaS Platform Provider

The ability of SaaS platforms to scale on-demand plays a critical role in the long-term success of software providers. Scalability not only allows you to stay nimble in meeting the demands of customers, but also allows you to fulfill surges in new orders so billing can begin immediately. Every day, week or month your platform provider delays in meeting your scalability requirements creates a slice of lost revenue time you never get back.

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Evaluating Your SaaS Platform Provider

To improve profit margins and ensure application performance, software providers with multi-tenant SaaS environments should periodically evaluate their platform providers. With new technologies and best practices constantly evolving—both from your perspective and the perspective of your platform provider—a partner that was a good fit at the beginning of the relationship may no longer be the ideal partner today. Here are three key areas to consider:

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