Are You Ready for a Managed Services Relationship?

By David Leech, Vice President of Professional and Managed Services, Logicalis US

Today’s CIOs are facing some incredible challenges as they make the transition from being technology-focused to becoming a services-defined, digital enterprise. If you’re caught in the midst of this transformation, it’s probably clear by now that not every task IT is responsible for needs to be performed in house. In fact, as you re-invent the way your IT department functions, it’s important to move your staff into more business-facing, application-centric, vendor management roles by using a managed services provider (MSP) as an extension of your IT team.

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How Implementing Your Own Monitoring Tool Can Be an Eye Opener…and Not in a Good Way

By David Leech, Vice President, Cloud and Managed Services, Logicalis US

Here’s a common series of events that occurs when an IT staff decides to implement a monitoring tool for themselves: After dutifully following all the procedures for implementation of the monitoring system, when they see alarms start showing up on the monitor, they pat themselves on the back and say, “Awesome. It works. This wasn’t so hard.”

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