Ever Wish Someone Else Could Manage Your Microsoft Exchange Environment?

Thinking about migrating to Microsoft Exchange Online? It could be a good move – if you’re doing it for the right reasons.  Remember, even when your email resides in the cloud, there are still a myriad of administrative tasks to perform such as setting up mailboxes, groups, distribution lists, public folders, policies, and transport rules.  It’s time consuming, and if you have human resources dedicated to these tasks, you’ve probably asked yourself on more than one occasion if their talents could be better utilized in some other way.

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You’re Closer to SDDC Than You Think

If you’re like most CIOs, your job description has been steadily evolving from technologist to trusted advisor.  You’re delivering IT as-a-service with a focus on user experience rather than speeds and feeds, and you’ve begun to free the IT team to focus on new and innovative ways to give the company competitive advantage.

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Software Firms Need Continuous Improvement on Two Fronts

By Scott Seaton, Logicalis US Business Development Specialist, Solution Providers

In our last two blogs, we discussed how automation accelerates the DevOps process for software development firms while orchestration supports the pursuit of true Continuous Delivery. Reaching this point is critical as almost every software company is in a fast-pace race to maintain and gain market share vs. the competition.

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How ITSM Can Help You Become a More Strategic Partner in Your Organization

IT operations management has become a hot topic in CIO circles today.  For some time now, corporate America’s top IT pros have been bombarded with messages about becoming an internal “partner” to the business.  Yet, many IT departments are still seen as back room cost centers within the organization.  IT organizations have done a good job of implementing efficiencies to drive costs down in the data center, but they haven’t done a good job of adding value – or of showing how they add value – to the business.

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Extracting Business Value from Big Data Through Smarter Storage

By Bill Mansfield, Solution Architect

Data volume is increasing exponentially and requires many businesses to deploy an unprecedented amount of storage along with advanced tools to manage their environments. While Big Data implies the need for “Big Storage,” the latest technology advances—from dedicated storage systems on solid state drives to software-refined, software-defined, and virtual storage—allow you to actually get more with less by using Smarter Storage.

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