Global CIO Survey Helps You Benchmark Your IT Organization’s Journey to Success

CIOs often feel like they’re operating in a vacuum, wondering how their pressures and priorities stack up alongside those of their industry peers.  Is Shadow IT a problem? Is it better, from both a cost and practicality standpoint, to tap into the as-a-service movement rather than building and delivering all of your IT services in house? Is it time to give software-defined some serious consideration? And what does it mean to be a digitally enabled organization?

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Characteristics of a Digitally Driven Organization

By Jim Cook, Vice President of Services Sales, Logicalis US

People in this industry talk a lot about “shadow IT” as being a problem common in enterprise organizations, but what we’ve come to realize is that shadow IT isn’t really a problem – it’s a symptom.  There is a tremendous change taking place around the globe in the way enterprise organizations view technology, and it all started with the earnest adoption of “the cloud.”

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A New Approach to Analytics in Healthcare

By Ed Simcox, Healthcare Practice Leader at Logicalis Healthcare Solutions

Analytics” refers to the process of identifying and gathering of all relevant data needed to solve a problem or answer a question and then applying a methodology to that data to make informed decisions. There’s also something called “big data analytics,” and that refers more specifically to identifying and leveraging disparate data sets that may be so complex and large, that they are difficult (or impossible) to manage with a traditional set of software and hardware.

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Strong governance and implementation teams are critical to telehealth success

By Ed Simcox, Healthcare Practice Leader for Logicalis

I mentioned the need for strong telehealth governance in another recent blog post.  In this post, I want to expand on the importance of governance and implementation.

To make a telehealth program successful and sustainable, we need to select and assemble two groups of people: (1) a governance team and (2) an implementation team. Both teams are important to guide the design, implementation, support and evolution of a telehealth program. While they are separate groups, membership may overlap.

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