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Healthcare Industry Now Leveraging Big Data for Predictive Patient Analytics

By Dan Quirk, Logicalis Practice Leader – Analytics, Big Data & SAP Solutions

One of the latest uses of Big Data to generate new insights in healthcare is predictive analytics. In addition to the typical administrative and clinical data, hospitals and health systems have started integrating additional data about patients and their environments to better predict outcomes and help target interventions to the right patients. These predictions may help identify new areas to improve quality and efficiency in healthcare across critical areas such as readmissions and treatment optimization.

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5 Keys to Monetizing Big Data

When it comes to Big Data, the key perspective to consider is how your business can monetize all the data you have to work with—so you can capitalize on revenue-generation opportunities, identify areas for reducing operational costs, and drive customer satisfaction.

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SAP HANA Connected to Hadoop Lowers Cost of Big Data Analytics

As an in-memory computing platform, SAP HANA enables you to process massive amounts of data in real time so you can deliver information to the key decision makers in your company at unprecedented speeds. The technology also simplifies your technology stack by reducing the multiple layers of hardware and software complexity. And because user experiences become simpler, SAP HANA enables faster

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Overcoming the Three Big Data Hurdles

When it comes to unleashing the full power of real-time business analytics, three primary hurdles seem to keep the promise of big data at arm’s length. But with proper planning, your company can make the leap. Here are some tips to give you a solid grasp on managing your company’s big data:

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Big Data—The Power of Real-Time Business Analytics

More and more of today’s enterprises are succeeding with big data by capturing real transformative value that just a short time ago seemed unattainable. Companies in nearly every industry across the globe use big data in real time to increase company value and market share. Big data makes it possible to deliver the kind of business intelligence the C-Suite loves—the kind that comes from legitimate experience with real data and analytics in actual business situations.

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