Do IT Certifications Mean Higher Pay?

In a recent survey by Network World and SolarWinds, 700 IT professionals were interviewed, and most said IT certifications led to raises and better jobs.  This might come as a surprise to some who think these certifications are just a waste of money.

In fact, 26% saw no value in certificates and didn’t have any.  However, of the 74% that did earn certifications, most said those certifications led to promotions, new jobs or pay raises. On top of that, 40% said the cerficates increased their pay by more than 10%.

What do you think about these figures? Do you believe in the value of IT certifications, and this is Ripe? Or do you think certifications are just a waste of money, and this is Hype?

Hype or Ripe
Do IT Certifications Mean Higher Pay?

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