Is Flash Technology the Right Choice?

By Frank Nishimori, Solution Architect, and Brett Anderson, Senior Director, HP Solutions, Logicalis US

When you talk to people about storage, the buzz today is all about flash.  And there’s a good reason for that – flash is fast.  Really fast.  Most IT pros know that flash offers significant performance advantages over disk and certainly over tape, but for many, the idea of flash was out of reach due to its hefty price tag.  If you read flash vendors’ marketing materials today, however, you’ll quickly get the idea that the cost of flash has come down and that it may even be comparable to spinning disk.  While technically true, there is a caveat – and it’s an important one.

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How the Software-Defined Approach May One Day Save Your Company

By David Angradi, Director, Software-Defined Solutions, Logicalis US

You’re either a disrupter, or you’re being disrupted.  That’s one of the most thought-provoking statements that I’ve heard lately, and it is oh-so-true.  If you think about what’s happening in retail, for example, many traditional brick-and-mortar retailers have been caught completely off guard by the rise of significant online retailers, and by the time they realized what the problem was, it was too late to turn the ship around.

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The Unique Security Challenges Facing K12 IT Pros

By Ron Temske, Vice President, Security Solutions, and Matt Catalanotto, Tempe Area Sales Director, Logicalis US

In the K12 world, security has become one of the most important topics of conversation among IT professionals, and in fact, much of the responsibility for providing that security has fallen onto the shoulders of already lean internal IT staffs with limited budgets.  E-Rate can help, particularly when the goal is to protect children from seeing obscene or otherwise inappropriate material online.  But that only scratches the surface of what a comprehensive IT security solution must do.

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What You Need to Know Before Implementing Telehealth in Your Organization

An interview with Cory Rehfeldt, Director of the Collaboration Practice at Logicalis US, and Kim Garriott, Principal Consultant, Healthcare Strategies, Logicalis Healthcare Solutions

If you’ve been to any healthcare IT events lately, you know that the buzz is all about telehealth.  Studies show at least 74 percent of the nation’s largest employers plan to offer telehealth benefits this year, and experts estimate virtual consults will increase a stunning 62 percent by 2020.  Telehealth is clearly a technology that’s on the rise, and one that every healthcare CIO should be thinking about.  What do you need to know? In this Q&A, we ask two of Logicalis’ top experts to weigh in.

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Should You Outsource Your Service Desk?

An interview with Bob Chapp, Senior Director, Service Desk, Logicalis US

CIOs are understandably concerned about what to do with their service desks.  There is no more 9-to-5 workday, and people don’t work strictly within the confines of an organization’s four walls anymore.  The fact is, things have changed, and they are not going to change back, so it’s up to you to create a support environment that can resolve your users’ IT issues 24x7x365 – wherever they are, whenever they need help.  According to Bob Chapp, Director of Service Desk solutions for Logicalis US, doing this in-house has, in many cases, become both cumbersome to manage and costly to provide, leaving many IT professionals wondering how to meet this need effectively and cost efficiently.

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