How to Make Your On-Demand, Service-Defined Enterprise a Reality

If you ask them, CEOs and CFOs won’t say they want a “virtualized environment” or a “software-defined data center.”  They’ll say that they want “fast access to technology services” and that they want to “enable the company to be more productive.”  It’s not the technology they’re interested in as much as it is the end result. Virtualization and converged infrastructure (CI), however, are the tools that provide a means to that end – they provide the road for you to follow along your journey toward the software-defined data center and the service-defined enterprise, and ultimately, toward better service delivery and more satisfied end customers – which is exactly what the CEO and CFO want as well.

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Unleash Dormant Productivity and Innovation inside Your Organization

What if we told you there was a significant source of productivity and innovation lying dormant and untapped inside your organization? For many enterprise organizations, that untapped potential is inside their employees.  The secret to unleashing it is providing better methods for communicating and collaborating throughout the workday so employees can share their knowledge, creativity and expertise, taking your business to the next level.

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Seven Steps to Success that Put Prepared Software Developers Ahead of their Competition

The more familiar you become with the low-cost, feature-rich capabilities inherent in today’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings, the more likely you are to join your peers – many of whom are also your competitors – in their quest to acquire these capabilities from SaaS partners for less than they could ever build them for in house.  The fact is, as SaaS applications continue to take on more complex and critical services, they validate the efficiencies that are possible within the expanding interconnected digital universe becoming known as “web-scale IT.”

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